A Coffee Tour of Dayton

Photo taken outside of Heritage Coffee House on UD’s campus. Feature photo and photos in article all courtesy of Donovan.

Shea Donovan

Contributing Writer

You don’t really get to know a place until you get to know its coffee. For decades, the consumption of coffee has created a distinct culture, a set of traditions centered around a mug. 

For many people, their morning cup of coffee is a sacred ritual. It’s a time to pause, if even just for a moment, to savor both the comforting scent and delicious taste. There’s nothing quite like that morning cup of coffee. As Starbucks says, “that first sip feeling” really is something.

Savoring that first sip inside the walls of a charming coffee shop is my idea of a perfect moment. Those very moments are captured and shared on the Instagram account @coffeeandtea.reviews, which documents my insider opinions on coffee and tea.

The best coffee shops are brimming with heavenly aromas, captivating discussions, and people from all over the world connecting with one another. They are places of conversation, creativity, and community, serving the highest quality coffee to foster it all.

Since arriving here at UD, I have made it my mission to tour the city of Dayton through their one-of-a-kind coffee shops. From our very own backyard to Riverside, there are countless coffee shops offering some of the most exceptional coffee out there. 

As a connoisseur of sorts, I have compiled a list of the most charming coffee shops, from Heritage Coffee House to Pettibone Coffee, that will give you a glimpse into our caffeinated city.

Each one offers tempting flavors, cultivates meaningful connections, and provides a welcome space to get away from the craziness of life, if even just for a moment. 

Heritage Coffeehouse – Located right here on campus, you needn’t travel far to get your day started with a delicious cup of coffee. Heritage is a beloved division of Flyer Enterprises and a popular hangout place for students. My personal favorite drink of theirs is the hazelnut oat milk latte, a cup full of strong coffee, a little bit of sweetness and the perfect amount of creaminess. 

Tastefully Roasted – Located on Oakwood Avenue, this coffee shop is just a short walk from the center of campus. This corner shop is a staple for UD students. On any given day, you can expect to see this coffee shop filled with students working on homework, hanging out with friends, or just grabbing a cup of coffee on their way to class. Be sure to try their signature latte, The Toasty Roast, featuring hints of caramel, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate.

Tastefully Roasted

Ghostlight Coffee – Located in both Midtown and Historic South Park, Ghostlight is widely regarded as one of Dayton’s favorite coffeehouses. Their holiday menus are hard to beat, and they undoubtedly have some of the most unique flavors. Try a latte, hot or iced, with their fig vanilla black pepper syrup, and be sure to grab one of their fresh baked goods to pair with it.

Wholly Grounds – Located on Wayne Avenue, this coffee shop is just a short drive from campus and another cozy study spot. With a constantly evolving menu, Wholly Grounds offers numerous coffees and teas inspired by some of the best recipes from across the world. There is always something new to try here. My current favorite is the raspberry with rose chips latte, but I am excited to continue working my way through their wide-ranging menu.

Wholly Grounds

Reza’s Dayton – Located just down the street from Wholly Grounds, Reza’s is a coffee roastery and cafe that offers spacious gathering areas and an expansive menu of high quality beverages and pastries. Be sure to check out their seasonal menu when you visit. Their spring menu features both lavender and honey lattes, as well as a lavender hibiscus lemon tea. Or grab a cold brew white ginger tea. If you want to keep it simple, try the dark roast cold brew. If you can’t decide, ask for a barista suggestion!

Reza’s Dayton

Warehouse 4 – Located both in Kettering and Vandalia, Warehouse 4 offers attentively-crafted espresso drinks, a wide tea selection, and house-made baked goods. When you go here, try an iced latte with any of their delicious syrups. Their lattes are so smooth and well blended, creating the perfect balance of coffee and sweetness. 

EPIC Coffee Shoppe – Located in Castle Hills Shopping Plaza, EPIC provides fine artisan crafted coffees and some of the tastied featured flavors. Their mudslide latte combines irish cream, English toffee and caramel, making for a comforting hug in a mug. Like most of the best coffee shops, EPIC is an atmospheric destination for coffee lovers young and old.

Pettibone Coffee – Newer to the Dayton area, Pettibone is a roastery and cafe located in Riverside. Named after Pettibone Lake, this cafe utilizes an open concept that is adorned with greenery and artwork and features innovative technology, allowing for customers to experience and be wowed by the coffee production and brewing process. Their coffee really does make your day better. Check out a FN writer’s review of Pettibone here.

Pettibone Coffee

Each of these one-of-a-kind coffee shops offers an exquisite taste of Dayton. Try one, or try them all! Check out @coffeeandtea.reviews on Instagram if you’re in need of some tried and true recommendations. 

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