29 thoughts you had while filling out your bracket

By: Mary Kate Dorr – Asst. A&E Editor

I like sports. I really do. I’ve attempted almost every sport under the sun for the last 20 years of my life and despite having (yet) to find my athletic calling, it’s been an overall positive experience (except for having a lacrosse ball hurled at my head, but whatever). But, I would be lying if I said I completely and totally understand all aspects of the sports world, including the NCAA Tournament. So here’s to you, sports fans who try really hard to follow along, but are still reading the A&E section. I’m acknowledging some of the thoughts you probably had while filling out your NCAA bracket, but didn’t want to admit.

1. I swear this thing gets more intricate every year.
2. Is it required that I choose a winner for each game or can I just put Dayton winning it all and call it a day?
3. I’m just going to choose the higher seed to win every game. That seems logical, right?
4. After all, I’ve invested a whole $7 in this pool and would like to see that money back at some point. I’ve got groceries to buy and bills to pay, people.
5. Nah, I should probably support the underdogs.
6. Cheering for underdogs makes for more exciting games that I can get overly heated about despite not watching any of either team’s regular season games.
7. What the heck is Valparaiso?
8. Is that a school or a complicated dance routine?
9. Everybody do the Valparaiso!
10. How am I supposed to predict an upset when I can’t even predict what the weather will be like tomorrow?
11. Ah, hello, Ohio State. Remember us? THE University of Dayton?
12. I’m just going to go put on my Elite Eight T-shirt now …
13. Why is it called a seed?
14.Villanova vs. Lafayette sounds like quite a fancy match up.
15. Does it usually take me this long to fill out?
17. I don’t even care who Xavier is playing or if it messes up my bracket, my inner Flyer will never let them advance. NEVER.
18. Valpaaarissssssoooooo.
19. Harvard has a basketball team?
20. Shouldn’t they be, like, sending civilians to colonize in space or something?
21. I’m going to advance Notre Dame because it was just St. Patrick’s Day, and they’re Irish and all that.
22. This whole choosing who wins thing really makes you feel powerful.
23. I can already feel myself getting more unnecessarily competitive.
24. Wichita State? More like Wichita-team-are-you-gonna-lose-to?! Hahahaha.
25. That was dramatic. I don’t even know what Wichita State is. Calm down.
26. Wait … Wichita isn’t even a state.
27. If you don’t put Dayton winning the entire tournament, I question your commitment to this school.
28. Flyers as the National Champions, heck yeah! TRUE TEAM, BABY!
29. Is it too early to head to Keifaber or…?
Luckily, it doesn’t matter how poorly you fill out your bracket becasue we’ve already seen enough upsets this season to ruin the brackets of even the most dedicated basketball fans. There’s no science to filling out brackets, so go ahead, admit you agree with me.

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