18 Lawnview

_MG_3037WSeniors Katie Fawcett, Amy Schultz, Colleen Duggan, Karen Lehan, and Sarah Devine work hard and play hard. Not pictured: Alexandra Jacob CHRIS SANTUCCI/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

By: KAYLA MUELLER – Staff Writer

FN: What makes your house different than others?
Colleen Duggan: It’s about to fall down.
Sarah Devine: The shower is red and plastic. We call it the red bullet.
Colleen Duggan: Alumni came to visit and they asked if the red bullet was there so we kept the name they gave it.

FN: Describe 18 Lawnview in one word.
CD: Moist.
Katie Fawcett: Fancy.
Karen Lehan: Shamble.
Alexandra Jacob: Fire-hazard.
SD: Homely.

FN: If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would you create?
CD: a dog and a manatee…dogatee.
SD: A honey badger and a cobra.
FN: What would you want that to be called?
CD: Sarah’s pet.
KF: A penguin and a pig… a piguin. A really chubby pink penguin.
KL: A gorilla and a grizzly bear…a gorizzly.
SD: That would conquer the world.
KF: Wow, like “Planet of the Apes,” but “Planet of the Gorizzly.”
AJ: I second dogatee.

FN: If 18 Lawnview wrote a book, what would the title be called?
All: “Location, Location, Location.”
SD: “50 Pounds of Cheese” by Katie Fawcett.
CD: “Dean Butts Charity.”

FN: What is your biggest pet peeve?
KF: When people make break-and-bake cookies and say, “Hey, I made homemade cookies!”
KL: When people walk slowly on the way to class. And people holding hands while walking to class.
SD: I have way too many…
CD: Misquoting movies. I just don’t like when people do that. Someone say Pearl Jam…can I switch mine to Pearl Jam?
All: (Break into the song “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam…apparently in Pearl Jam voices.)

FN: If you came back for your 10-year reunion what would each of you be up to?
AJ: Homeless.
KF: Five kids.
SD: President of the Tom Jones Fan Club.
CD: Dancing with Karen.
KL: Bringin’ the sassy to Omaha, Neb.

FN: Each roommate was given a superlative from the other roommates.
AJ: Most likely to die of an anxiety attack before the age of 30.
KL: Most likely to drive a Monte Carlo named Carlos.
CD: Best BS-er.
SD: Best hand/eye coordination…
KF: Most likely to become a hoarder. Or most likely to write a cookbook that will kill people, called “Butter and Oil.”
Amy Schultz: Most likely to live with 100 cats.

FN: What is something that most people don’t know about you?
KF: Only inappropriate things come to mind.

FN: If 18 Lawnview were a mall, what stores would you guys be?
KF: Williams Sonoma or Hobby Lobby, but all the stores are closing.
SD: Let’s pour one out for Hobby Lobby. RIP.
AJ: Chick-Fil-A.
KL: I would be a coffee shop.
SD: The kiosk that sells all the phone cases…I have broken two phones this year.
KF: Colleen would be a kiosk hassle. You know, people who chase you down trying to get you to buy stuff.
CD: OK…a kiosk sales person who straightens hair or threads eyebrows.

FN: Any advice for fellow Flyers?
CD: Don’t graduate. Fail a class once or twice.
SD: When in doubt, go to Tim’s. But never pay cover.
AJ: Go to Bill’s Donuts.
KF: Don’t let school get in the way of what you learn here.
KL: Work hard, play hard.

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