105 Jasper

_MG_6864WSeniors Mike DiBucci, Connor Mabon and Evan Shaub enjoy their extremely clean home away from home. CHRIS SANTUCCI/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

By: KAYLA MUELLER – Staff Writer

FN: What makes your house different than others?
Connor Mabon: People always say we have an unusually clean house. We never really think about it, we just don’t like living in a mess.
Mike DiBucci: We each have our own room and bathroom. We like to live comfortably so it’s kind of nice how it worked out with housing.

FN: What is your favorite place in the house?
CM: I have a specific seat on this one couch I always find myself sitting in, and if someone’s in it I tend to get testy.
Evan Shaub: I’m the same way…Mike kinda just roams around.
MD: I like the kitchen and living room.

FN: If 105 Jasper wrote a book, what would the title be?
All: “Shouldn’t-a Done That!”

FN: What word describes 105 Jasper?
CM: The boring answer would be clean…
MD: Unorthodox.
ES: I like that one.

FN: What is the theme song of your house?
CM: We play music a lot.
MD: Lots of good music… not stuff like Usher or whatever [starts singing “DJ Got Us Falling in Love].
ES: “Beast of a Burden” by the Rolling Stones.
CM: Every song that’s on I tend to incorporate Booch [DiBucci] into the lyrics about how he’s always cleaning.

FN: If I gave you $100,000, what would you spend it on?
ES: Pay off my debt and get a nice place with these guys.
CM: I’d be a nomad and just travel.
MD: I would repay my father for helping me out with school.

FN: Why did Rudy cross the road?
CM: Because his fake [ID] didn’t work at Bargos.
MD: To get away from magazine swindlers…because I couldn’t.
ES: Because UD charged him for a parking ticket.

FN: What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you?
CM: Shaub and I made 35 original hip-hop songs with a buddy of ours.
ES: I’ve written three full-length movie scripts.
MD: Most people don’t know that I enjoy cooking. I have this foolproof breakfast sandwich I make every morning. I make it with a toasted blueberry bagel, a sunny side up egg cooked so the yolk breaks when you bite into it, two pieces of ham and two pieces of turkey, and I throw cheese on every piece of meat, and top it off with salt and pepper and some Sriracha sauce.
CM: Foolproof.

FN: What is your favorite part about campus?
CM: It’s perfect for walking…it’s flat, too (compared to Pittsburgh and its hills).
MD: I like being able to walk around, see recognizable faces and say, ‘Hey how ya doin?’
ES: I’ve worked at the Hangar for three years and I really enjoy it.

FN: If you had a time machine that would work only once, what time in the future or point in history would you visit?
MD: The ‘70s. I always thought it was a cool era with great music and no cell phones so there were more face-to-face conversations. Oh, and the Steelers won four Super Bowls.
ES: I’ll have to echo what Booch said.
CM: For the sake of being different, the ‘60s because it laid the foundation for the ‘70s.

FN: If 105 Jasper were a mall, what stores would you guys be?
CM: I’d be the open-air market.
MD: Convenience store…because I live life simply.
CM: Are you sure that’s justification for why you’d be a convenience store?
MD: Alright, alright… I’d be Primanti’s, it’s a sandwich shop in Pittsburgh.
ES: The Browns Team Shop.

FN: What is something you want to do?
All: Own a food truck in Austin, Texas …it’s something we always talk about.

FN: If each roommate was given a superlative from the other roommates, what would they be?
CM: Booch would win ‘most likely to have Windex and a paper towel in his hand.’
MD: Mabon’s would be ‘most likely to be saving the world from tyranny by way of Call of Duty: World at War.’
CM and MD: Shaub would win ‘most likely to make a full course meal at midnight and not gain a pound.’

FN: What do you guys do for fun?
All: We go to the Pizza Tavern in South Park; it’s a tradition of ours. It’s fun because it’s almost like a hidden gem. You get a large [pizza] half off on Mondays and they have great beer… shout out to Vince Pecoraro.

FN: Any advice for fellow Flyers?
CM: Don’t have any rigid expectations for life because life tends to throw curveballs. Adapt and be flexible.
MD: Be open-minded and meet as many people as you can.
ES: Don’t be somebody that you’re not.
MD: Take chances… it’s okay to make mistakes in life just as long as you learn from them. Don’t be afraid to go explore and leave the bubble of UD’s campus.
CM: Find someone with a car and just go.

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