What do UD parents think about having their child home from college?

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Noelle Young
Contributing Writer

As a college student, it is not ideal to be spending the rest of this semester at home. On top of that, we aren’t allowed to leave our homes due to the present circumstances. But what is it like for our parents to have their children home and still taking college classes?

After speaking with four parents of University of Dayton students, the overall response is a mix between happiness and occasional annoyance.

“I am happy to have my son home because I know he is safe during this epidemic but seeing him procrastinate his homework annoys me,” said a mom of a senior from Plainfield, IL.

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Many say they wish their child could’ve finished the semester on campus. Not being able to finish college surrounded by friends and the experiences and opportunities that are part of college is what has parents feeling sad for their student, said a dad of a senior from Plainfield, IL.

Although parents love being around their child, it can get stressful at times, said a parent of a junior. Having to be part of the family routine again is difficult, and many parents commented on their child not wanting to help around the house.

“My daughter is struggling immensely with helping out around the house and uses the excuse she has homework to make herself unavailable,” said a mom of a senior from Cleveland, OH.

Students seem to be struggling with getting homework done while being home, possibly because home gives a sense of comfort and vacation. Two parents have said they are telling their child to do their homework and to attend their online classes. Most UD parents haven’t had to do this for years.

As much as students might dislike being home from college because living with rules again isn’t ideal, some parents seem to miss being empty nesters too.

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