Ohio University Students Protest Conservative Media Personality’s Campus Appearance

Photo of Kaitlin Bennett from Wikimedia Commons

Shayleigh Frank
News Staff Writer

Conservative media personality Kaitlin Bennett was met by a swarm of student protestors when she arrived at Ohio University’s campus on Monday to film a video for President’s Day.

The Kent State graduate became famous on social media for producing incendiary content typically about guns. After graduating in 2018, she became a correspondent for InfoWars, which is run by Alex Jones who has said the Sandy Hook shooting that left 26 dead, including 20 children, was “completely fake.”

Video shows Ohio students chanting and throwing toilet paper at Bennett while she walked through campus with her security detail.

Angelina Sabatino, an Ohio University freshman, protested Bennett with her friends.

“Our level of protest stems from her disrespect and prejudice towards any person with different views,” Sabatino told Flyer News. “Our campus wanted to show her that her bullying and hate were not welcome.”

Bennett responded to the protests in a tweet, vowing to return to the campus with “an army of gun owners for an open-carry walk through campus” and asking President Donald Trump to strip funding from universities that “harbor terrorists.”

“For a girl who is famous for voicing her opinions, I’m surprised she got this mad about a group of protesting students,” said Lucas Klosterman, a sophomore at Ohio University.

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