Living in NYC During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Noelle Young, a Flyer News writer who is from New York City, said that the “city that doesn’t sleep” is a ghost town due to the coronavirus epidemic. Cover photo from Young

Noelle Young
Contributing Writer

When I think of New York City the first thing that comes to my mind is crowds, tourists and traffic 24/7. But with the city effectively shutdown, it is a ghost town.

I recently flew back to New York through LaGuardia Airport from Dayton. I was the only person on my flight and when I checked in at Dayton the man wished me luck because I was traveling to the epicenter of this pandemic.

Once I arrived in New York there was not a single person in the terminal, except for a few workers by the security checkpoint. It was absolutely insane to see an airport in NYC empty and with no tourists in sight.

New York City is one of the cities worst hit by the coronavirus in the world

I never thought that I would see the day when everything in New York aka “the city that doesn’t sleep” would be closed. Broadway is dark, Times Square is empty, everything this iconic city is known for shutdown. Life doesn’t seem real for anyone during this time.

With coronavirus cases increasing every day in New York, people are living in fear. I’ll admit that when I do leave my house to go to the grocery store or just to walk around my neighborhood, I have rubber gloves on and disinfecting wipes handy.

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As of Friday morning, more than half of New York state’s coronavirus cases (44,635) are in New York City (more than 25,398). The same is true for deaths (519 versus 365).

The CDC reported on Friday at noon that there were 85,356 coronavirus cases in the U.S. That means 30% of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. are in New York City.

For many cities across the U.S. only essential businesses can stay open, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and take-out/delivery food options. An interesting essential in New York City that is allowed to remain open is liquor stores. I guess that’s one way to keep New Yorkers occupied during this stay-at-home period.

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