You Tell Us How You Intend to Spend the Holiday Break

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Editor’s Note: Flyer News interviewed a host of students to answer a simple question: “How are you spending the holiday break?” Students in the Flyer News Practicum were assigned to interview at least three people for comments. This is what you’re telling us!

Reported by James Martin, Addison McDaniel, Marilyn Moores, Nick Radosevich and Andrew Wagner

Now that another fall semester of final exams has come and gone, University of Dayton students say they’re planning to kick back and do the holiday break to the fullest in any number of ways.

Some say they’ll spend time with family, keeping those traditions that maintain a strong and cohesive family unit. Others say they’ll spend time outdoors. Still others say they’ll watch a lot of Flyer basketball!


Julian Murray, of Oakwood, Ohio, says he’ll spend some of the break on a traditional family visit to see Christmas lights at Pyramid Hill.

“I also will be going to get a Christmas tree, and on Christmas Day, just open presents and have a big family dinner,” the sophomore environmental geoscience major said.

Freshman Jeff McDonald and family also plan to take in the lights at Pyramid Hill on Christmas Eve.

Who knows whether the McDonald and Murray’s families will see one another at Pyramid Hill. If they do, it might be a chance to meet up and shout “Go Flyers!”

Ryan Kahan, a junior from Sylvania, Ohio, said the family will be making their fav desserts to share at the family Christmas party.

“We typically play games like Left Right Center, Scattergories and Catch Phrase. We also take a trip to the Toledo Zoo to see their incredible Christmas lights display,” Kahan said.

Sophia Woods, a second-year business major, will be baking Christmas cookies back home in Ciero, Indiana, and maybe even some desserts that showcase her family’s Italian roots

“Sometimes if my mom’s feeling fancy we do cannoli, but that takes a lot of work,” Woods said.


Jeff McDonald, the freshman from Ross, Ohio, said his plans also include the family taking in Winterfest at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, which they do every year.

For Riley Beauregard, sophomore from Carmel, Indiana, Christmas and the break are a time to celebrate Grandad’s birthday with family.

“We rented a place with a band in downtown Indy, which will be fun. I am looking forward to seeing my friends, too.”

Let’s not leave out Grandma.

Alyssa Sanders, a sophomore who’s planning to return home to Columbus, said, “Maybe the furthest I’ll drive is to the zoo in Powell, Ohio, to look at the Wildlights.”

“I’m excited to hang out with my friends from home, see my dog and hangout with my grandma,” Sanders said.

Shane Fitzpatrick, a fifth-year from Chicago, is “looking forward to going to my lake house for New Year’s and being able to ice fish and snow ski.”

For Quinton Smole, sophomore from Akron, it’s as simple as visiting with family and “hitting the gym.”

Sophomore Lila Acott will skip Christmas in her hometown of Chicago for one spent relishing in the warmth of Arizona to visit her brother and explore the Grand Canyon State.

“I’m going to Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff,” Acott said.

Another sophomore, Gracie Ludwig, will travel to Chelmsford, Massachusetts, after spending the holidays at home in Indiana.

“I’m going to visit my grandparents and I think I’m going to go skiing for the first time with my little cousins,” Ludwig said.


Being with family is first and foremost with every student we interviewed, and Taryn Smith, sophomore from Troy, Ohio, was no exception.

“I will also visit my brother because I have not seen him in a while,” Taryn said. “I [also] will be working a lot and make as much money as possible to spend for when we return from break.”

Making money, in addition to spending time with family at home in Louisville, Kentucky, is on sophomore Megan Doyle’s to-do list as well.

Joe Sullivan, sophomore communication major from Flossmoor, Illinois, perhaps said it best when putting the holiday break into perspective.

“Over break, I will be enjoying the presence of others. I will be spending time with people who I don’t see often and will get a nice little break from school work, as well as trying to provide the holiday spirit to whoever I can.

“[I will be] topping it off with keeping up with Flyers basketball.”

Whatever you plan to do or however you plan to enjoy the long awaited and much needed break,
rest assured campus will be waiting for you to return and dig into the spring semester’s late
nights, studies and exams.

From Flyer News to all of you: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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