Racial Slur Written in Snow Outside of Marycrest

Sean Newhouse  
News Editor

President Eric Spina informed the community in an email sent Thursday afternoon that a racial slur had been written in the snow outside of Marycrest Hall.

A Housing and Residence Life employee confirmed it was the n-word, and it was found outside of the first-year dorm during a fire alarm early Thursday morning.

“We condemn the expression of hateful speech as incompatible with our Catholic, Marianist values and our commitment to create an environment where all feel safe, supported, valued, and respected,” Spina wrote in the email.

UD is investigating the incident, and a spokeswoman for the university said, “Those found responsible will face appropriate consequences.”

If you have any information about this event, please contact UD police.

In a statement given to Flyer News, the president of Black Action Through Unity (BATU), senior political science major Darius Beckham, condemned the incident:

“This is unfortunately not the first time I’ve seen something like this happen on campus, and it’s important that these incidents are met with broad condemnation from across the university…We, along with President Spina, condemn all hateful speech and will continue in our mission to support and uplift one another.”

Those who may need support can find information on the webpage for the university’s Equity Compliance Office.

The class of 2022, current first-year students, is the most diverse class in UD’s history with 17 percent having a minority racial or ethnic background.


Photo courtesy of University of Dayton

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