OPINION: The people’s opinion on the 2021 Met Gala

Photo of Justin and Hailey Bieber at the Met Gala courtesy of Getty Images.

Jamie Blodgett | Contributing Writer

What you guys have to say

On September 15th I took to Instagram to create a poll to ask people if they felt some of the most talked about Met Gala looks were HITS or MISSES and the results are in. Out of 2,026 people who voted in the polls here were the outcomes:

Hailee Steinfeld

HIT – 77%

MISS – 23% 

In probably one of the most shocking transformations of the night. Hailee switched to blonde and opted to wear a gown designed by Iris Van Herpen. She stunned everyone at the Gala with arguably the best look of the night.

Kristen Stewart

HIT – 27% 

MISS – 73%

Kristen arrived at the Met dressed in Chanel. While the look was lost amongst fans, it was inspired by Rosie the Riveter and the symbolism of women’s independence. Her look radiated a 1950s rockabilly style.

Lili Reinhart

HIT – 87%   

MISS – 13%

Lili’s outfit was designed by Christian Siriano. Lili’s gown features the state flowers of all 50 states, with the main piece of the gown being a beautiful pink.

Kendall Jenner

HIT – 89%    

MISS – 11%

Kendall arrived too the carpet wearing a gown re-made by Givenchy and Matthew Williams. Jenner’s Gown referenced a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady.”

Gigi Hadid

HIT – 32%    

MISS – 68%

Hadid opted for a look created by designer, Prada, for her first event since becoming a mother.

Camila and Shawn Mendes

HIT – 35%.    

MISS – 65%

Camila and Shawn took to the Met wearing Michael Kors. Shawn’s look features a leather jacket, boot, and a flare pant, taking a more lied back approach. Shawn mentioned he wanted to reference an American Rockstar look. Camila’s look highlights a purple sequence two-piece look, and purple heel, leaving everyone wondering how the pair was connecting to the American Independence theme.

Winnie Harlow SPLIT:

HIT – 55%

MISS – 45%

Harlow is seen wearing Iris Van Herpen. Harlow noted that her look was similar to that of a superhero.

Simone Biles

HIT – 50%

MISS – 50% 

Biles opted for a look created by Area and Fred. Biles took to the Gala wearing an 88lbs three-in-one gown. The inspiration was Josephine Baker, a showgirl and activist, as well as the first black women to star in a major film back in 1927. 100 people worked on this look for a total of 6,650 hours.

Kim Kardashian

HIT – 21%    

MISS – 79%

Although Kim missed the mark at this year’s Met she was the one who turned the most heads in this head to toe black outfit designed by Balenciaga. Many wondering, Why?

Olivia Rodrigo

HIT – 52%    

MISS – 48%

Rodrigo opted to wear a full lace outfit with feathers and black heels designed by Saint Laurent leaving fans completely torn as to if this look was a HIT or a MISS at the Gala.

Pete Davidson

HIT – 68%     

MISS – 32%

Pete was dressed by designer Thom Browne, who created a look that addressed American tailoring. However, Pete’s look paid homage to his late father who passed in the 9/11 attacks. Davidson wore his father’s birthstone in the form of a necklace and lapel pin. 

Megan Rapinoe

HIT – 45% 

MISS – 55%

Rapinoe worse Sergio Hudson to the Met coupled with a clutch that read “In Gay We Trust.” Despite her outfit very obviously contributing to theme, many had a hard time with the fact that Rapinoe was even invited to begin with.

Addison Rae

HIT – 39%.    

MISS – 61%

Addison took to the Met with blonde hair and a red vintage Gucci inspired gown by Tom Ford. This dress features a corset, paneling and ribbing. Many individuals expressed confusion as to why Addison was invited to the Met, but that attention quickly left with Addison choosing a dress that took towards the background of the Gala.

Ayesha and Stephen Curry

HIT – 90%     

MISS – 10%

The Curry’s were styled by Jason Bolden. Ayesha wore Versace, and the pair matched with there outfits. The split came as their outfit did not relate to the theme, but many appreciated the matching.

Nikki de Jager

HIT – 60%      

MISS – 40%

Nikki wore a gown that pays tribute to trans icon Marsha P. Johnson, leader of the Stonewall Riots. Her gown was a tulle Edwin Oudshoorn Couture gown. The bow at the bottom of her dress read “Pay it no mind” which was Marsha’s response to gender questions she received many times through her life.

Madison Beer

HIT – 61%       

MISS – 39%

Madison opted to wear a One/of gown created by Patricia Voto inspired by Marilyn Monroe and the orange dress she wears in “Gentlemen prefer blondes.” Many loved Madison’s look, but feel she missed the mark in regards to the theme of the Met.

Kim Petras

HIT – 13%       

MISS – 87%

Petras teamed up with designer Collina Strada. Petras looked towards wearing a bold look, and having people reference her in the future as “remembering the time that Kim Petras dressed up as a horse at the Met Gala.”

Serena Williams

HIT – 33%       

MISS – 67%

Williams wore Gucci to the Met. Williams mentioned that her look was superhero themed, but the look left many fans confused as to what she was going for.

Naomi Osaka (pictured with Cordae Dunston)

HIT – 24%        

MISS – 76%

Naomi and her sister got the opportunity to assist in the design process of her dress alongside Nicolas and Louis Vuitton.

Kaia Gerber

HIT – 79%        

MISS – 21%

Gerber’s look was one of the best looks of the night as she stuck with a classy black look referencing a Christian Dior look from 1977 and 1981. Designer, Oscar De La Renta re-created the gown for the Met.

Designer info: youtube.com.

Pictures taken from vouge.com.

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