Dayton Business Spotlight: Space Three

A photo from one of Space Three’s fitness classes. Courtesy of Lindsey Deck 

Vera van Nuenen
Contributing Writer

Space Three is a recently opened boutique fitness studio in downtown Dayton. The business opened its doors in November last year and has been changing the fitness game ever since. The studio adds another exciting place to downtown Dayton and makes it a more vibrant place.

A new gathering place

Space Three’s concept is different than most other fitness studios. As most fitness studios have a goal to give the best opportunities to work on personal health and body, Space Three takes fitness to a whole other level. In essence, the studio is about “capturing this notion of our humanity that good things come in threes.” 

Space Three founder Linsey Deck says that she wants Space Three to be seen as a third gathering place outside of home and work – a place where people can breathe, sweat and stretch. Deck, a mother of two daughters and full-time attorney, understands that life is busy and that it is not always easy to fit a workout into your daily routine. She is a firm believer that you can better yourself in whatever situation or role you are, but you have to take care of yourself first.

Lindsey Deck – Space Three owner

Following this mindset, she opened Space Three as a way to create space for each person, both mentally and physically. This space was designed to make everyone feel welcome arriving and even better when they leave. It doesn’t matter if you are new in the fitness world or if you have been doing fitness for the last five years: they will add a personal touch to give the experience you need. 

What do they offer?

Space Three focuses on the societal aspect of the fitness workout more than the physical result. Of course, they strive to improve health, but they also want people to be the best version of themselves. By adding another space, they create space for people to work on themselves, outside of their (sometimes) restricted work space or home. It is building community and helps Dayton in a way to add a new social space for people to socialize or work on themselves.

Since Space Three is focused on threes, they offer, naturally, three different classes. The first class they offer is BootyBarre, a blending of dance, pilates and yoga. People of every fitness level can join, and by mixing stretch, strength and energy, this class is an interesting one. Then they also have a class called SWERK, which is a hip-hop dance fitness class for people to improve flexibility or perfect dance moves. The third class is called TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise), which utilizes suspension training.

While University of Dayton has the RecPlex, Space Three is a great way to expand your horizon or try something new. With their daily changing schemes of classes, there will always be an opportunity to join the class you are interested in. 

For joining classes, there is the easy option to sign up online. Classes can be bought in a single pass or a 10-day class subscription. Yearly or monthly subscriptions also are available. 

Click here to view Space Three’s website. Its Instagram is @spacethreedayton and Facebook is spacethreedayton. 

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