Ranking Obi Toppin’s best dunks at UD

Luc Almeda
Sports Staff Writer

Obi Toppin will participate in the NBA’s 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest on Sunday night, first reported by Shams Charania of The Athletic. Flyer Nation has been familiar with Obi’s high-flying ability for a few years now, and last year he lit the college basketball world on fire after his monstrous sophomore campaign. Now, it’s time for the rookie to notify the NBA of his capability to throw down.

It would be a disservice not to look back at the highlights Obi created during his time at Dayton prior to him doing it at a global scale. It wasn’t easy to pick and choose Obi’s best dunks as a Dayton ball player, mainly because there were so many moments that could have made the list. But, here at Flyer News, we have to make the hard decisions. 

Disclaimer: Big games/moments matter. The scenario in which the dunk took place factors in, so that is something that has been taken into consideration in ranking the dunks. 

10 and 9.

8 and 7. 

6 and 5.

4b and 4a.

3 and 2.

He could join the exclusive list of rookies that have won the contest, a list that includes Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin. Regardless, Obi Toppin will have all of Flyer Nation behind him during this year’s Slam Dunk Contest. 

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