New season, new look: Flyers talk uniform upgrade

By: Meaghan McNichol – Staff Writer

The University of Dayton Men’s Basketball team is starting the year off fresh with brand new uniforms. After a quick two seasons in the last style of uniform, the Flyers decided it was time for a change.

This year’s seniors, Scoochie Smith, Charles Cooke, Kendall Pollard and Kyle Davis were responsible for picking out the team’s new digs. Still, Nike sponsored, they boys decided to switch things up a bit.

They decided to go with a more simple look this time around. The jersey is similar to last season’s but the homes are solid white, eliminating the red detail that went up the side. With “Dayton” still displayed in block red letters across the chest and the number front and center, the team is ready to hit the court sporting their new look.

The look is not the only thing that changes–the cut did as well. It is a tighter fit, opposed the looser fit that the Flyers have been playing in the last few seasons.

“I like them a lot. It’s a new style a tight fit. I like them better than previous years,” Smith said.

Junior, Darrell Davis is in agreement with Smith about the new jerseys.

“I don’t like loose jerseys at all. I like these jerseys better because they are fitted,” Davis said.

Often times in sports, jerseys are paired with traditions. It isn’t uncommon for a team to shy away from wearing a specific jersey or color if they haven’t been successful in that combination in the past.

Although the players do not feel strongly about jersey superstitions they feel as though head coach Archie Miller might have a different take on them.

“There’s no superstition for us but there is for Archie. If we win a game we’ll probably wear that same color until we lose,” Smith said.

Instead of focusing on previous success and failures, the players prefer to leave uniform decisions up to how they feel at the moment. If they want to wear red, they will wear red despite the outcome of the game the last time they played in those jerseys.

Coming into the season with an impressive ranking they Flyers are optimistic about future success and they are going to look good doing it in their brand new jerseys.

“I think it’s good for us. Feel good, play good,” Smith said.

The new jerseys will be making a debut on Nov. 4 when the Flyers take on Findlay University in an exhibition game at UD Arena.

Although superstitions might not play a huge role in the Flyer’s feelings about their uniforms, the jerseys will probably go from good to great if they can score a win in their home opener wearing them.

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