Hunny Bee’s Crispy Fried partners with UD basketball player

Hunny Bee’s announced their partnership Wednesday with freshman men’s basketball player, Malachi Smith. Photo of Smith provided.

Maddy Bartsche | Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Feb. 9, Hunny Bee’s Crispy Fried announced a partnership with freshman Dayton basketball player, Malachi Smith.

Speaking about the partnership, co-founder and general manager Joe Niehaus said, “Since we’ve opened, we’ve become good friends with the basketball team. There in all the time, so we thought it would be an awesome, fun thing for the community and Flyer fans if we brought one of them into the family under the new NIL [name, image, and likeness] contract rules where players can get compensated for their talent and hard work”

In July of 2021 the NCAA began allowing their athletes to profit from their own personas, which had not been allowed in the past. 

“Some special, delicious news will be coming out in the next few weeks, and we will have some fun things where the students will be able to get involved,” Niehaus said.

“I know my brother didn’t have this stuff when he was in college,” Smith said.
I’m glad that Hunny Bee’s is picking me.”

Smith took to Instagram posting about the new partnership, accompanied by a photo of him sitting down for a meal with Niehaus.

“My go-to-order is the four piece with fries, the sweet tea and extra barbecue sauce,” Smith added.

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