Flyers football opens new turf practice surface with first practice Tuesday

Drone shot of the new turf surface at Jerry Von Mohr Practice Field. Photo courtesy of Keegan Gupta, Flyer News.

Peter Burtnett | Sports Editor

The Dayton Flyers football team held their first practice on the new artificial turf at the Jerry Von Mohr Practice Field on Tuesday.

Flyers head coach Rick Chamberlin was anticipating the new field for a “long time.”

“We’ve seen the progress getting throughout the weeks since the summer, and then now to be getting on it, and it is first practice and I know we’re gonna have a great practice today, just because of the field conditions.”

Recruiting can also be impacted by having a high-quality and dependable artificial turf surface for practices.

Flyers senior safety Brandon Easterling (No. 1) runs through a drill at practice with footballs in the foreground. Photo courtesy of Peter Burtnett, Flyer News.

“In recruiting, what you’re trying to do is show what you do to make your program special, so we can show our recruits now, look at this! It’s something that alumni and others felt like we needed and (they) provided the funds that we needed to have to do it right, and to show (the recruits) that we’re going to be a first-class program.”

Chamberlin said the players were amped up when he told the team Sunday night.

“I had a good feeling that it was going to happen because when we were traveling around to our other practice facilities, we’d go by this field every day as we got up on the highway, so they could see it, and it just made the anticipation greater.”

The Flyers football team goes through warm-ups at their first practice on the new turf. Photo courtesy of Peter Burtnett, Flyer News.

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