Flyer Forward Miller Hearing Date Set, Attorney Says Video ‘Not The Whole Story’


By: Roberto De La Rosa-Finch – Online Editor

Flyer forward Sam Miller’s assault case pre-trail hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 22 at 2:20 p.m.

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His hearing will be held at the Xenia Municipal Court after being accused of assaulting a fellow inmate on July 30 in the Green County Jail.

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His initial arrest was for disorderly conduct by intoxication and underage consumption at Caddy’s Taphouse in Beavercreek.

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Miller was charged with misdemeanor assault and pleaded not guilty.

He remains on the men’s basketball roster and has a listed address on the 200 block of Caldwell Street.

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Miller has not made a public comment on the case but his attorney, Dennis Lieberman, described him as “a good kid.”

“I ask people not to prejudge him simply based upon what they have seen perhaps on their computers or on videos,” said Lieberman. “It’s not the whole story, and I’m asking people to be respectful of our process.”

While the university released a statement Aug. 4 it essentially stated ‘there will be no comment at this time.’

Coach Grant has not been available to the media and there is no confirmation on Miller’s status on the team.

Photo and video courtesy of Christian Cubacub and