Big Ten football will return Oct. 23-24, stringent medical protocols in place

Although the stadiums will be empty, the Big Ten has finally listened to the players, their parents, coaches and fans who have desperately awaited its return this fall. Photo courtesy of Alex Mertz/Unsplash

Peter Burtnett
Sports Editor

An official announcement has finally emerged Wednesday morning that the Big Ten will start football the weekend of Oct. 23-24, with stringent medical protocols in place.

After weeks of dragging their feet and multiple different formats for a return to football, the Big Ten has finally given in to the outcry from players, their parents, coaches and fans to allow play to resume.

With reports coming from across the board in the weeks leading up to the impending decision to return to Big Ten football, the heat was put on this weekend when it was officially announced the university presidents would meet to consider a return to football in fall 2020.

Finally, after reports from multiple different sources, the Big Ten tweeted out their official announcement that football would return the weekend of Oct. 23-24, 2020.

With the Big Ten championship expected to be played on Dec. 19, Big Ten teams will have eight weeks to make their case for the College Football Playoff, with the committee set to announce their final rankings on Dec. 20.

The best thing to come out of this (besides the fact that Big Ten football will be back this fall) is that the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors (COP/C) voted unanimously to return this fall, meaning each team will play.

Moving forward, the Big Ten’s official announcement has all the details on the stringent medical protocols, including daily, rapid COVID-19 testing and cardiac tests for all student-athletes to test for myocarditis. Student-athletes will also be required to sit out for 21 days following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

At the end of the day, the Big Ten listened to the people who make college football the most exciting sport, and made the right decision with the safety of the student-athletes in mind.

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