A-10 Men’s Basketball Final Standings Guide

UD Schedule

This is a guide displaying the 64 possible outcomes for what the final Atlantic 10 men’s basketball standings could look like, stemming from the results of the final six games of league play taking place Saturday, March 8, and Sunday, March 9.

• To decipher this information, read across each row, which gives the combination of teams winning and what the standings will finish as through that grouping of winners.

• The six columns on the left run down each of the games, with the possible winner being marked.

• The columns headlined “2” through “12” on the right show which team would occupy that specific seed position in the final standings from that particular combination of winners listed to its left.

• There are six games with two possible winners for each. Two multiplied by itself six times equals 64, thus the total outcomes possible.

• All tiebreakers are already factored in this list to show the proper seeding order. The graphic’s purpose is to show who would win tiebreakers and accurately give each team’s seeding for the postseason tournament. The reader does not need to look it up themselves this way, as the graphic has done the work for them.

• The A-10 tournament schedule is listed at the bottom of the graphic, displaying what dates and times a team would play at for each seed.

• Saint Louis University has already wrapped up the top seed, and Fordham University will be the No. 13 seeded team from not being able to finish higher than last place.

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