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Our writers, editors and columnists are passionate and well informed, but this newspaper isn’t just for them. Flyer News exists to serve the tens of thousands of people in the University of Dayton community.Without Flyer News, some of those voices would not be heard.

Comedian Louis C.K. once said, “It’s always disappointing to me when people talk about the weather. Because that means you don’t really want to talk about anything.” Let’s not talk weather. Let’s talk about what really matters in this community: changes, challenges, highs, lows. It’s your turn to tell the stories no one else will tell, and we’re here to help.

Do you have opinions? Of course you do. Can you read and mash a keyboard until words come out? Probably. Congratulations, we’ll work with you. Whether you want to write about news, entertainment, politics, sports, satire or what your favorite stuffed animal symbolizes, if you can make your work relevant to the UD community, we want to give you a platform to speak.

Our staff loves to hear feedback from the student body, whether they like us or not. So if you want to tell us your opinion of an issue on campus or in the world, or share what you thought of an article you saw in Flyer News, drop us a line. We’ll always listen, and if you’d like, we might publish it.

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