Valentine’s Day: Just for romance?

By: Ebony Munday – COMMUNICATION

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to start making those special plans for a night of celebration. It’s the day of sharing romance, passion and appreciation for those you hold dear in your heart. This holiday is very important to me because I view it as a way to share the joy and love you feel with either a group of people or one special significant other.

I don’t believe it’s a day that only couples can celebrate together. Regardless of a person’s romantic status, Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating loving and friendly relationships that have positively affected your life.

I remember the days when I was in elementary school and my parents would buy me a pack of my favorite cartoon character’s Valentine cards to pass out to my close friends. I was always so excited to write a personal message inside followed by a messy signature, in hopes of making my friends feel special. It wasn’t about romance or secret crushes. I viewed it as showing gratitude for always being in my corner. Even now, as an adult in college, I feel that nice gestures such as giving out cheesy cards or delicious chocolates are simple and easy enough to show gratitude to the people I care about.

Many people take great consideration in planning a celebratory night with either their romantic partner or close friends. For example, in my relationship, we love to go out to eat at a new restaurant every year and exchange gifts of either flowers or beautifully written Hallmark cards. However, when I was single, me and my best friend Ashley would rent movies and buy each other our favorite candy to stuff our faces with while we stayed up all night talking. These gestures make the environment pleasant and enjoyable when celebrating the company of someone special in your life.

As college students, we have to cope with stresses like studying for exams while still managing a decent social life. It can be very hard to try to balance both romantic and social relationships with people when studies have to be completed or jobs call you into work. However, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to prepare nightly festivities and take a break from the stresses of school. I think it’s important for all students to enjoy this holiday without fretting that  it’s only for people in relationships. It’s the day for sharing love with people you hold close to your heart.

Junior Clare Egan said, “I think Valentine’s Day can be extended to friends as well as couples because it’s a day to share the love you have for special people in your life.”

I agree with Egan, because there is no limitation to how love can be spread to others on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day gifts can be given to parents, best friends and even colleagues from your job that you may have built relationships with. There are all kinds of activities students can do to celebrate with others. Going to fancy restaurants with fine cuisine, going to Valentine’s Day bashes with close friends or simply spending the night in like I did with my own best friend are all valid ways to celebrate the holiday. There are so many different relationships, romantic and friendly, that must not go unappreciated. I encourage all UD students who celebrate this holiday to appreciate and enjoy the loving relationships that you have built with such special people.


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