UTILIZE: FN will provide a better product by leveraging technology

By: FN Editorial

We’ve heard it thrown around by politicians, spiritual leaders, human rights advocates, professors, parents and friends. But what is it exactly? Change takes many forms, often hidden from direct observation yet simultaneously occurring everywhere. When people see the need for change, they partake in this natural human activity to better the current condition.

Here at Flyer News, we’ve taken note of where we once stood as a traditional news publication and have continuously sought out ways to modernize. Since nearly everyone is plugged in to the Internet, dedicated staff members at Flyer News worked to re-adjust our previous website’s layout with a more user-friendly interface.

In addition to better content format, maneuverability and a new look, Flyer News’ website is now compatible with smartphones and tablets for mobile access. There will be up-to-date photo and video galleries so Flyers can visualize the events unfolding around campus.

Along with these changes, we’d like to reaffirm our proud journalistic foundation. Providing a fair, balanced, accurate and engaging publication remains the core pillar we at Flyer News seek to maintain.

As a vehicle for the student voice, Flyer News’ newly improved website is an opportunity to maintain a daily presence in the UD community. Not only are we a monitor of local and administrative affairs, but we also serve as a record of the positive things happening in our community.

Changing and adapting to life’s evolutionary path is essential to a news organization’s ability to serve the public. Our staff is dedicated to informing and educating our readership in a fulfilling, modern and user-friendly manner.
Newsstands around campus will still carry print copies for those who enjoy reading a physical paper, and the new website will allow us to better serve readers who get their news online.

We took action and our new website is a change we think the whole community can appreciate.

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