Staff Editorial

The school year is rapidly coming to a close, and Flyer News is more than excited to announce some changes on the way.
In order to better serve our readers, next year we will be switching our publication schedule, adding a more immersive social media experience and drastically updating the website.

In fall 2014, the paper, which has hit the stands on Thursdays throughout this entire year, will be published weekly on Tuesdays. We believe that switching the publishing date to Tuesdays will allow us to expose the campus to more timely and relevant news than in years prior. Publishing on Tuesdays makes it so a recent paper is on newsstands during the course of the entire week, and it will also help us cover certain topics better.

With a publishing date on Tuesdays we can cover weekend sports and preview weekday games better than before. With a fresh paper at the beginning of the week, readers have a guide to campus events and food for thought through the rest of the week and the weekend.

In addition to our print plans, next year we will incorporate more live coverage of events happening around campus through the use of social media. Sometimes there are interesting events on campus that happen outside the cycle of print news, and social media gives us a platform to cover the full scope of life on campus, no matter when it unfolds.
Finally, we are excited to announce our summer online edition. The print editions of Flyer News may be done for this school year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay updated on everything that is happening on campus. That’s why, starting this summer, you will see a new and different Flyernews.com than the one you’re accustomed to seeing now.
This summer, the Flyer News website will be constantly updated with new stories about summer happenings and fellow Flyers – on and off campus. Visit the website for up-to-date content and information on everything in the Dayton community.

At UD we are constantly innovating and improving our buildings and resources. At Flyer News, we feel that we should do the same. We’re very excited about the new changes to come to your newspaper, and we think others on campus will be, too.

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