The ‘Wrecking Ball’ of our generation

By: Kywnn Townsend Riley – Sophomore, Communication

First, there was Britney Spears, then Lindsay Lohan … now, there’s Miley Cyrus. These three women have not only created a new definition of crazy, but also shattered any form of respect for my generation. However, Britney and Lindsay have “turned around” and recognized their behavior. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, decided to keep the Draco

Malfoy look from Harry Potter and remixed it with a little gangster.

I am appalled, and not only as a woman, because she has literally objectified us. Miley has placed a label on our generation. Her music and reputation make it seem as if “we can’t stop and we won’t stop,” when in reality, we can. Do not get me wrong, I love a good party, but when it comes to finals the only club that I will be frequenting is Club Roesch. Popping Molly, twerking and sticking your tongue out all the time does not show that you respect yourself. Cyrus is promoting promiscuity, raciness, and uncontrollable behavior.

For a while I have kept my silence about Miley Cyrus, because there are so many other celebrities that people are worshipping today that I do not understand either. However, that changed when I read Ashley Niemeier’s article “Cyrus deserves commendation, not condemnation” in Issue 9 of Flyer News. My own interpretation of Niemeier’s article is that her opinion is that Cyrus deserves recognition of courage and a congratulatory, tasteful reaction to her vibrant and sensational personality. I did not know it takes courage to bend over in front of millions, dress skimpy, or to stick your tongue out. I must not be courageous since I do not do any of those things.

This was very shocking to hear this opinion. Can we be honest? If there was a student on campus who dressed the way Miley Cyrus does, talked, acted the same way and she ran for a position in the Student Government Association or applied to be a resident assistant, would she get the position? I highly doubt that she would. I understand the point of letting people do what they want to do, however, what she did at the 2013 Video Music Award’s was slightly disrespectful. Being a woman of color and seeing other women who look like me dressed as bears is uncomfortable. Moreover, the fact that the majority of Americans now associate twerking, originally a Jamaican term performed by people of my descent, with Miley Cyrus is upsetting. I think we can stop and should stop supporting celebrities like Miley Cyrus before the youth in future generations believe that popping molly and partying is the only way to enjoy life.

Flyer News: Univ. of Dayton's Student Newspaper