The new Galley is better than expected

Opinions Editor gives the Galley 2.0 a try and shares her experience, photo of the Galley’s donuts. 

Zoe Hill
Opinions Editor

In the middle of the world seemingly ending, the Galley closed its doors and decided to no longer serve ice cream. Without even knowing it, I had had my last Cincinnati shake. 

The announcement that Flyer Enterprises’ beloved venture would no longer exist at UD was a shock to the system. The Galley was the place my roommate and I would go after a tough exam or where we’d take our friends who were visiting campus. 

When UD reopened for the fall semester last year, students were just learning how to navigate the new normal that we were living in. I wanted to get back to doing the little things that reminded me of why I loved being on campus in the first place. One of those things was getting a black raspberry chip milkshake from the Galley. 

Just around the same time, Flyer Enterprises (FE) announced to the university that it would be shifting its business in the Hanger to other foods. They decided to do away with the only student-run ice cream shop on campus. 

Like I said, this was devastating to hear, but I was optimistic that the change would be temporary and I would be sipping a Galley shake in no time. Then, FE decided to sell quesadillas and donuts. 

Flyers know that the best quesadillas on campus are made at the Emporium, but made-to-order donuts intrigued me. You can’t really get a delicious donut on campus, but Duck Donuts is just down Brown Street. They are known for their crazy combination of made-to-order donuts. 

At the end of February, the Galley reopened and reintroduced itself on campus as the weirdest combination of snack foods I have ever heard. My initial thought was to boycott the Galley until they brought back ice cream, but instead, I decided to give the Galley 2.0 a proper try. 

While quesadillas are not really my thing, donuts sure are. Going in with the mindset of hating it, I convinced my roommate to join me at the Hangar. I walked up to the counter and ordered one chocolate-iced donut topped with Oreos and marshmallow syrup. 

I was surprised that they made the donuts right as a person ordered it, which meant I had to wait a few minutes for it to be done. When I got my donut, it was warm and, admittedly, very aesthetically pleasing. For any foodie, the Galley might just be one of the most Instagramable places on campus. 

After a year of missing the Galley because of their incredible shakes, the donuts do not fill the same void. The donuts are fantastic, and I think any Galley-goer should definitely give them a try. The made-to-order aspect means that there will always be a little something for everyone, and you can make it your own with a unique combination. 

The new Galley is different, but it is a good difference. The change gives the Galley a new look that is attractive for veterans of UD and welcoming for incoming Flyers. 

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