Removal of ‘U’ in new logo downgrades Flyer image

By: Chris Zimmer – communication, columnist

The new University of Dayton athletics logo isn’t just aesthetically awkward, but it takes out the distinctive element of what it means to be a Flyer – attending the school itself.

It’s a given that basketball is the number one moneymaker in the athletic department and I understand the idea of re-branding an ancient (and maybe clip art) logo. However, removing the “U” makes it seem as if these students are professional athletes playing for a semi-pro team not affiliated with the school at all.

They’re not. They go to class, live on campus and go out with their friends on the weekends – just like the rest of the student body. To me, this new logo waters down what it really means to be a Flyer.

Whether residents of the Miami Valley like it or not, the university isn’t confined to the Montgomery County. Its influence spreads across our nation and world. There are Flyers in many different career fields putting their education toward the greater good of humanity.

Forget about burning couches, riots and the Elite 8 run – what about the university’s top-notch business, engineering and education schools? What about their commitment to tackle real world problems by creating sustainability and human rights programs?

Being a Flyer is more than just being a basketball fan, or player, for that matter. The athletic department (and men’s basketball team) is just one highlight among the many amazing things the Marianists have guided since the school opened its doors in 1850. I hope the administration will re-install the “U.” It truly downgrades the place where students become Flyers.

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