Student questions what truly defines the UD community (Video)

By: Katie Christoff – A&E Editor


Ever since the University of Dayton unveiled its new logo last Friday, students and alumni have been all too eager to express their dislike. The Dayton Business Journal conducted a survey that found “near universal dissatisfaction with the image,” as previously reported by Flyer News.


Junior bio-education student Beverly Dines is the latest to publicly voice her opinion of the UD logo controversy, and she makes an excellent point:


“Our logo is not what defines us. What defines us is the legacy that we leave and the lessons that we learn and take with us all over the globe.”


Dines’ message to logo-haters is this: the community of students and alumni define UD more than any logo ever will, and right now, the negativity of that community is even uglier than everyone thinks the logo is.

Watch the video below to hear Dines call out the University of Dayton community on our “disappointing” behavior. She raises a new and interesting point in the ongoing social media battle over the new logo.

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