Step Away From Bias and Towards Fact

By: Monica Klepper – Staff Writer

“It’s okay.” How many times have you heard this?

You accidentally hit your sister, but you apologized? It’s okay; siblings fight. You gave the answer very confidently in class, but it was wrong? It’s okay; failure is how you learn. You still play Webkinz even though you’re in college, but you just play for the games? It’s okay… I don’t have an explanation for this oneI should be embarrassed.

You hate politics and stay out of the arguing and the media, but political gurus tell you to get involved, get your hands dirty and have those arguments? It’s okay, trust me, it’s perfectly okay.

The freedom to choose our leader by a fair system is such a beautiful thing. It’s the blossoming of an orchid into a new world all under the careful consideration of choice. The literary journey I’m about to embark on may seem like complaining and wishing to avoid conflict, something necessary to grow as individuals.

I will keep my argument brief, but keep in mind the benefits of a peaceful election without swaying and slandering. If we were to only force out media involvement, voters would be able to make decisions and pinpoint the candidate that meets their needs based solely on facts without the verbal attacking and the bombardment.

The installation of a democracy was intended to keep us from oppression and a lack of a voice. Why, then, does choosing a political leader have to be so drowned out by the media, hate, and resentment when it was once was a concept born of the idea of a free and peaceful world?

Think of why everyone cringes at Trump’s filterless ideas, sweats at Clinton’s offensive ‘deplorable’ remark, and don’t even bring up the word ‘email.’ If the media hadn’t twisted and blown out of proportion the remarks of political figures, and allowed everyone to let their actions speak for their parties, maybe politics would be an utterance of solitude.

A fair portion of college students listen to ad-ridden music players. How many of the ads on your Pandora station, the commercials on TV, or the flyers around town are riddled with political campaigns?

How about the mail you’re so excited to get? I’m hoping that by now you’re seeing the trend of what the media does. I propose instead, a world where the focal point of our campaigns is strictly  the policies and stances of the candidate. Is it too lofty to ponder the day when political figures don’t attack each other?

My point is in no way that you shouldn’t be involved, just that you aren’t forcing your ideas onto others. I believe it’s almost offensive to not be informed about policies and opinions of the political world.

As an American citizen, it is a responsibility to know how your country is being operated and to hold yourself accountable to care about which figure believes in what, especially with the election quickly approaching.

There is no excuse to not be knowledgeable. I’ve heard, “I don’t like either of the candidates” and “I don’t trust any source to give me the facts.” People need to care enough about just one policy to choose one candidate: abortion, gay marriage, the school system, take your pick.

Your pick, however, does not need to be spoken, boasted, or exclaimed. Your pick should also not be influenced or swayed by the media. Today is the day to become informed and passionate.

If you choose to follow the facts of the presidential race, avoid the arguments, and allow yourself solitude from the detestation of the media, it’s okay. Believe me, it’s more than okay.

Flyer News: Univ. of Dayton's Student Newspaper