Spirit: Flyers can derive school pride from sports teams

By: FN Editorial

What is it about the University of Dayton that makes us proud to call it our second home?

Maybe it’s the cozy, brick-laden buildings and walkways, complemented by pampered shrubs and flowers, that really emphasize our notions of what it means to live in a tight-knit community. Perhaps it is a certain academic program that entices our thoughts about potential career paths. Or maybe it’s the lure of UD’s strong reputation for quality sports teams that grabs our attention. Whatever the reason, fellow Flyers seem to enjoy what the university has to offer.

But recent events have shaken the pride of the student body. Over the last two academic years we’ve experienced the passing of students, collapsing floors in the neighborhoods, and the St. Patrick’s Day disturbance, among other controversies. These adversities have understandably rocked the core foundation of Flyer pride and tremors are still felt.

How can we accept the past, remember it, while moving on at the same time? How can we revive the Flyer Spirit and regain our deep sense of pride for UD, beyond the unwritten social traditions we experience on the weekends?

There may not be one definitive answer to these questions, but the editorial staff at Flyer News has some suggestions for the student body to consider.

Attending sporting events seems to be naturally ingrained in the psyche of most college students as a means of showing off school spirit. As athletes gaze upon the stands to see a wave of their school’s colors, a newfound motivation drives them to push their talents beyond the limits that have been placed upon them. This internal fire, ignited in the hearts of athletes, burns as the roars of students cheer them on to victory. But that only happens if there are students to fill the seats, which, in many instances, remain empty.

Even in times of trouble, schools around the country derive pride from their sports teams. Let’s initiate a fresh sense of pride for the UD community by attending home games for UD’s men’s and women’s basketball teams, as they embark on another intense season of dunks, dribbles and swooshes.

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