Alright, alright. You caught us.

The 2014-2015 staff at Flyer News likes to shake things up. From snagging breaking and controversial news to critically challenging traditions, we’ve tried our best not just to inform the campus community, but to facilitate discussions that lead to a more reflective environment.

Obviously, news is important. While the process of reporting can be disputed, the need for reporting cannot. From times of pain in the community to the jubilee of basketball season, our staff has been there.

And in each issue, filled with those stories, is this very important little box. The staff editorial space shows readers a sliver of what’s going on in our heads, typically commenting on current events, our rationale for covering a story in a certain way or advocating the importance of being aware of the world and aware of our individual impact on it.

At the heart of every decision is our commitment to the UD community. We believe that it is only through informed dialogue that the members of this community can be their best, that by confronting our differences, challenging our traditions and informing ourselves of others’ struggles, that we can stand in solidarity with everyone who loves this school.

So, yes, we’ve been caught: Flyer News chooses commitment to community. That phrase will be stamped on our minds and hearts, not only from the various marketing brochures, meetings with resident assistants and fellows, and emails from Bill Fischer and university President Dan Curran, but also from the way that FN has come together to serve UD, even if the campus doesn’t realize it needs it.

With that, the ’14-’15 staff says goodbye to late nights in Kennedy Union and to all of the puns that never made it past copy editing. As we leave the office for our final issue, next year’s staff will step in to fill our shoes and, hopefully, outgrow them.

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