but plan ahead to make the most of your break

If you’re like us, then for the last two months, you’ve been scoping out each weekly weather forecast, hoping that Dayton will be warm enough to start porch season, or at least cold enough to cancel class.

Woefully, porch season still seems a long way off, but the odds these days have been in favor of closures. Everyone has a variety of rituals they use to try to secure a few more hours of hibernation. These range from lighthearted to practical, from wearing pajamas inside-out to making sure all of our homework is done in case we end up on the wrong end of the bet.

We’re always the most anxious when the forecasted temperature or precipitation is right on the edge of the criteria for a delay. Nothing creates hysteria on campus quite like the tease of heavy snow or freezing temperatures on a weeknight, and we often become irritable as we watch local high schools announce closures, waiting with bated breath for an email saving us from our 8 a.m. classes.

A weekend of ice and snow has no such silver lining. Still, Saturday was a rare occasion that showed that even bad weather can give us a chance to take a day off from our responsibilities and have some fun outdoors.

We were happy to see the creativity that our student body expressed in the form of snowperson families, snowball fights and furniture sets constructed entirely out of the icy powder.

Soon, we will be released from our scholastic bonds, sent into the great unknown of midterm break. With four full days of freedom, there is nothing stopping us from embarking on an adventure. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to wait until break to catch up on homework. If we did, it wouldn’t really be a break, would it?

So, right now, if you realize that you’re procrastinating on some work to be done over break, finish it. Make the break about doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Come back to campus with a good story, and consider sharing it with us in the next issue of Flyer News, on newstands March 11.

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