FN editorial

It’s not news that the news business is changing. Here at Flyer News, we’ve been blessed with great leadership and advisers over the last few years that have helped staff members prepare for the future of journalism.

We want to make sure that in our haste to adapt to the changing times, we don’t lose our direction. So we recently sat down as a staff and revised our organization’s mission and vision statement.

This philosophy serves as the guiding purpose of Flyer News. We will hold ourselves accountable to this mission, and ask that our readers hold us accountable as well. After receiving constructive criticism from other staff members, the three-person committee responsible for the mission statement arrived at the following:

“Flyer News’ core purpose is to be the primary source of timely, relevant and objective news that informs the student body at the University of Dayton. Our dedicated staff collects and distributes newsworthy content to elevate campus discussion and enhance critical thought.”

This is what we strive to be, and what we believe our readers deserve. We’re excited about reaffirming our mission because it will help tighten the bond between students, faculty, staff and alumni, forming a more cohesive community by delivering quality content worth reading.

In addition to our mission statement, the committee of on-staff volunteers developed a vision for Flyer News, which outlines what an organization hopes to become. It reads:

“Flyer News’ vision is to become, and remain, a fundamental cornerstone of the student experience at the University of Dayton. It seeks to establish an inner desire within college students to keep themselves informed and cultured. Flyer News is the bridge that brings together current students, alumni, faculty and staff by creating a written and visual record of the UD experience.”

Delivering content that not only grabs the readers attention, but maintains it, is what we strive to accomplish. To loosely quote England’s late Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in order to perfect your craft, or in this case an organization, you must change often and hold to unwavering principles of ethics and dedication.

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