Poor leadership affecting US reputation

By: Chris Zimmer – Columnist, Sophomore

I am a big numbers guy. So I was not surprised when I read Gallup’s most recent presidential approval rating that said President Obama has hit an all-time low. Among national adults, 43 percent approve of the job President Obama is doing.

I must ask, how can it be that high? Further data shows that 80 percent of them identify with the Democratic Party.

I understand the idea of supporting the leader that identifies with your similar political ideology. However, how can the most recent spy scandal not change your mind? I had a hard time believing the president had absolutely zero idea about the tapping of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal cellphone. Even if he were clueless, I would still have a problem with our commander-in-chief not being informed by the National Security Agency of wiretapping allies.

There is a serious issue with supporting a position of leadership despite mistakes or scandals. Democrats are supporting a dishonest president, who has done nothing but fueled the battles on Capitol Hill, but also has tainted our international reputation through multiple drone attacks and mishandling of spy scandals. In comparison, even Republican support for President George W. Bush dropped as the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan escalated and the recession moved into full swing. Five years ago in October, 57 percent of self-identified Republicans approved of Bush.

I see this unfounded support for leadership as a sign of apathy and arrogance. It comes off as “Yeah, our guy isn’t the best, but for us he is still number one!” I personally don’t buy it. The next time Americans head to the polls, I hope we can pick a more honest leader who runs an actual transparent administration.

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