FN Editorial

There is an indisputable need for caution when partygoers number in the thousands, and a legitimate concern for the safety of people and property caught in the middle of such a crowd. When a large number of students rushed the streets of the Ghetto this weekend, a response from law enforcement was inevitable.

It’s not clear whether it was because of the lessons students learned from past incidents on campus or the presence of law enforcement at the scene, but the negative consequences from Saturday’s celebration were relatively limited in number and scope.

Saturday’s events were the result of anything but drunken premeditation. Instead, a spontaneous out-pouring of shock, awe and pride on behalf of students, administrators, alumni and members of the community manifested itself on Kiefaber Street that night and united a student body.

A mentality is developing among the student body to deal with celebrations like this. We are holding each other responsible for our actions. On Saturday, acts of passivity were outnumbered by instances of accountability, and that, combined with the joyful attitude, made the difference in the outcome.

Local law enforcement leaders have promised a swift and stern response to disruptions, with asstistant chief Bob Chabali of the Dayton Police saying, “We’re going to be out in mass and the reaction is going to be extremely quick and assertive.” Because of this, the pressure is on to keep ourselves in check.

We encourage the campus community to stay involved with each other, and not be distracted by media attention from websites like Barstool, Brobible and #TotalFratMove. Instead of focusing on UD’s 15 minutes of fame on BuzzFeed, let’s focus on the now. Enjoy your unique community during the happiest time the Flyer community has seen in years.

Take the opportunity to set the standard for UD celebrations, instead of looking to our couch-burning past.

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