OPINION: Is the Dayton Marriage Pact a good idea?

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Ren Sikes | Opinions Editor

So…did anyone actually find their soulmate? 

I have heard so many stories about the Udayton Marriage pact, some of them from my own roommates, and I am more than a little bit confused. I personally did not fill it out but I know several people who did, and I have just one question. Was it worth it? 

From what I could tell, it was mostly done as a joke. At least that is how some people did it. My roommate told me that the person she matched with had done it with her boyfriend as a joke and had no actual interest in the matchmaking process. My other roommate hasn’t even heard from her match. So…what was the point? 

For those of you who did it intentionally, what did you hope to gain? Friendship, a relationship, a soulmate? To what extent did you find that and alternatively, were you satisfied with your match?

I legitimately thought it was a scam at first, and was mildly concerned when my roommate asked for my input on her answers one Tuesday afternoon. I thought to myself, “Oh no babe, you clicked the link..” 

It turns out it wasn’t a scam, or at least wasn’t intended to be. Yet, how many people got scammed out of a legitimate match? That is the flaw with things like these, people don’t take them seriously and then ruin the chances for everyone else. Not to mention the people who didn’t even fill it out, myself included. That isn’t a very accurate pool of people on campus. 

I won’t bash the Marriage Pact too much. It is a legitimate idea that may have been successful had it been more regulated – or maybe if people took it seriously. But the main takeaway is that some people were cheated out of a genuine connection, and some people may have met their soulmate. 

I would also like to submit a formal apology for not having my cat fill it out. I know some of you may have wanted to match with him, but I refuse to get in the way of his love life. He is his own man and can court whomever he wishes. 

For those of you who have been in contact with your match, I truly hope it works out for you. A genuine connection between two people is hard to come by, especially when you are matched by an A.I. 

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