OPINION: ‘DressX’ paving the future through digital clothes

How much are you willing to play for a picture of you wearing the latest fashion trends? Photo of fashion Youtuber Scope reviewing ‘DressX.’

Jamie Blodgett | Contributing Writer

Phones have gone from walls to your hands. Music has gone from record players, CDs and radios to a push of a button. Food can be delivered right to your door. Now-a-days you can even have people shop for you. What’s next? Clothes being digitized to your body.

A new shopping experience is hitting the fashion industry and shall we call it… unique? This new way of buying clothing is by having customers buy clothing items with real money, then having the customer send in a photo of them wearing a form fitting outfit to have the look digitized onto their body. It is important to note you do not actually get the clothes, they are merely just added to a picture for you to post online, almost as though you are your own gaming character. You also only can wear the item once.

The DressX website notes that “more than 40 billion items generated by the fashion industry end up in landfills each year.” This is the inspiration behind digital fashion. In using a digital garment, 97% less of CO2 is being emitted in comparison to a physical garment being produced. Through DressX efforts, they also save an estimated 3300 liters of water with every item that they create on their website. 

Although DressX is touching on sustainability in a large way, we must look at the big picture. The idea behind trying to be more sustainable is a very respectable one, but what happens when you actually need to go outside? Are we heading into a world where we all will wear only black, form fitting clothes and our only outfits will come from our pictures online? Or will we all wear goggles to see each other’s clothes so that we can save our planet? I personally think that it could be interesting for individuals in the ‘influencing’ industry to purchase digital clothing for instagram and social media posts instead of wasting money and resources on items that they will only wear once.

Let’s put it to the test. A few Youtubers have decided to test out DressX so you don’t have to, and can I just say…. It was…. interesting. Youtuber Hope Scope, known for reviewing fashion brands, spent over $2,000 at DressX for six outfits. The lowest priced item was $21 on sale, and the most expensive was $1400.

Similarly, Youtuber Safiya Nygaard, known for mixing makeup and other various household items together to make one final “franken” product, also reviewed the digital clothing company and put together eight pictures. She then put her instagram followers to the test to see if they could tell if the images were real or not. Some could, others couldn’t. 

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