OPINION: An alternative view on the cold months to come: An important mindset that will be sure to get you through the next few months

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James Martin | Contributing Writer

Growing up we are told that we can be anything we want and that we can do anything we set our minds to. Many people may not listen to these as much as others, however, I am one who strives by this rule. In all things I believe that hard work and simply believing something provides success.

People all over the world may be like minded to me, however, I believe that I take this quote more seriously than most when it comes to a particular topic. This topic is being cold, or to describe better, simply the interpretation of temperature.

I believe that the interpretation of temperature is a mindset. Now some of you may think I’am crazy and that’s ok. I understand completely that burning or hypothermia are real diagnoses. However, in instances where you are outside at events and you forget your sweatshirt, when you start to “feel cold” I want you to truly believe that it is not cold and take many deep breaths.

Steven Aitchison, an author of various topics, in his article Coldness is a State of Mind, gives a great example of how this will help. He explains that we are “able to lower your bpm (Heart Rate), and then raise it simply with the power of your thoughts”. If you want to test theory, he also provides an experiment you can do so in his online article

Aitchison is one of my main influencers that encourages me to live by this way of thinking. If you truly relax your body then you can be at peace or comfortable outside no matter if it is 10 degrees or 90 degrees.

Particularly, being in the midwest and especially in Ohio, it is near impossible to actually determine if the weather is accurate. On top of this Ohio weather is rarely consistent as people who have been around the area for many years. We can see snow one day and it could be 50 degrees the next day. 

This mindset, however, takes away the worry of inconsistent weather in the area. If you adapt to this mindset and practice many times it will allow you to be prepared no matter the time of day or temperature as you walk to class, participate in outside intramurals, or just enjoy time with friends outside.

If you do decide to adopt this mindset as the winter months roll around, just remember, this can be used for other scenarios as well. Take a deep breath and believe you can do anything you are struggling with. 

Who knows, this could be the process that changes who you are. If you are struggling over studying for an exam, take a deep breath, believe you can do it, and as I stated earlier work hard. Believing you can do something is half the battle to a ton of daily problems in which this mindset could fix, not just the perception of temperature.

So as the winter months come closer and closer, dress warm, but if you slip up and forget to grab the necessary clothes on a particular day, take a deep breath and believe that you are warm and cozy as you take on your outside adventure.

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