OP Editor’s Best Song Releases Of June

By: Peter Kolb – Opinions Editor

These are 10 songs I liked that were released this month, and then I’m going to say words after them. Enjoy.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Cut To The Feeling”

Alright, this was dropped during the last week of May, but this is important so an exception can be made.

I have been hearing some absolute nonsense circulating the pop culture hemisphere. I hear y’all talking, saying Carly Rae Jepsen was a “one hit wonder.”

I hear people talking as if Carly Rae doesn’t deserve respect as one of the greatest pop artists out right now.

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Frankly, I can’t idly stand by any longer. In my opinion, Carly Rae put out one of the best pop albums in 2015. Then, the next year, she released “EMOTION: Side B” (the leftover songs to “EMOTION”), and continued her sensational musicality.

My favorite thing about her is how much she reminds me of Robin Sparkles from “How I Met Your Mother.” My second favorite thing is that she continually puts out great music. If you don’t believe me, go listen to “Cut To The Feeling” right this instant.

2. Brockhampton – “Star”

I’ve talked enough about Brockhampton. This is probably my favorite song off “Saturation.” Just please listen to “Saturation.”

3. SZA – “Drew Barrymore”

Yo, SZA’s here! Thank the Lord. A return that seemed like it would never come — due to a year of release problems with Top Dawg Entertainment President Punch that even led SZA to tweet “I actually quit” in early 2016 — SZA’s debut album “Ctrl” is finally here.

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It is very good. This song, in particular, is crazy good. No matter how many times I replay this track, I’m still surprised how good it is every time it plays.

It’s one of those songs that seems to pump your chest up and makes you want to belt the chorus to your bedroom ceiling. Very good. Check out “Ctrl.”

4. Young Thug – “Take Care”

Goodness. “Beautiful Thugger Girls” dropped. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know who Thug is and how he’s doing what he’s doing, but I’m pretty okay with that.

I do not understand how this song is so good. I don’t understand how this album is so good. I don’t understand how Thug is so good.

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Thugger’s vocal performance on this track is out of this world. The last verse of this song is one of the greatest things humanity has produced since season four of “New Girl.” I love Young Thug so much.

Staples during an interview for “Big Fish Theory”

5. Lorde – “Liability (Reprise)”

June has had some amazing albums. I’m only at number five here, and it’s like, sheesh.

Lorde’s highly anticipated followup to “Pure Heroine” is the eight-track project “Melodrama.” The album does not have a weak song; I just picked this one ‘cause I think reprises are pretty sweet.

Lorde is becoming one of those artists you can fully expect to deliver quality music whenever it comes.

6. Vince Staples – “Yea Right (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Laura Jane Lowther)”

Vince is one of the most entertaining figures in hip-hop while still maintaining a consistent flow of well-developed projects over the last five years. His latest album “Big Fish Theory” is another solid project from the Long Beach rapper.

It has beats that will take a personal grudge with your speaker’s bass, bars that can without question hold their own against any rapper in the game and tracks that will make you want to leave a note on the fridge, grab a Sprite and do whatever Vince tells you to do.

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This particular song gets double points since it makes use of the Vince Staples’ staple: a single catchy sentence repeated over and over again for the chorus; something that’s become so frequent it’s gone from being annoying to hilarious now.

Also, quadruple points since Kendrick Lamar has one of his best features on this track. This beat is disgusting. I don’t care if you have to use the Craigslist of the city twenty minutes away because you can’t find any in yours— get yourself some big ‘ol speakers and blast this song so hard your dog runs upstairs and hides under a bed.

SZA in a photo shoot for her album “Ctrl”

7. Tyler, The Creator – “Who Dat Boy (ft. A$AP Rocky)”

I don’t know how popular of an opinion this is, but Tyler is going to go down as one of the greatest hip-hop artists of our time.

The man has started so many waves he could probably make surfing them cool. Plus, his maturation as an artist has been one of the most impressive things to watch in recent hip-hop. Tyler’s return comes with two tracks teaming up with A$AP Rocky on “Who Dat Boy” and Frank Ocean on “911/Mr. Lonely.”

Both these songs are good and weird which is all I could ever ask from Tyler’s singles. Can’t wait to see what he has in store.

8. JAY-Z – “Family Feud”

There was a certain air around “4:44,” JAY-Z’s first album since the lackluster “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” of 2014, that let you know this album would be different.

JAY-Z’s raps with some purpose on this album, coming with some impressive 47-year-old man energy. On “Family Feud” JAY dives deeper into his infidelity with wife Beyoncé while receiving a little help from the Mrs. on the chorus.

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Also, he defends rappers wearing nose rings, which is pretty cool. JAY-Z’s a cool grandpa. Or, I guess he’s not grandpa age yet.

He’s like little league baseball coach age. He’s that cool little league baseball coach that likes nose rings and is married to Beyoncé.

9. 2 Chainz – “Good Drank (ft. Quavo, Gucci Mane)”

Pretty girls like trap music now. It’s official, 2 Chainz said they do, it’s his album name.

I’m not sure about the specifics of this like, do you have to like trap music if you’re a pretty girl? Or like, if you like trap music are you officially a pretty girl?

Am I a pretty girl? I don’t know.

Play it safe though. Listen to some Tity Boi with a side of Quavo and Guwop on some large, I repeat, large speakers.

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Don’t you dare disrespect this bass, make sure you give Gucci the respect he deserves. Also, I’m happy Quavo found his way onto this list. June was the month of Quavo. He was even ready to throw down with Joe Budden in the middle of the BET awards. Inspiring.

10. Calvin Harris – “Cash Out (ft. ScHoolboy Q, PARTYNEXTDOOR, D.R.A.M.)”

It’s weird how Calvin Harris is the sound of the summer but I’m here for it.

Every single leading up to this album was a bonafide jam as Harris seems to have mastered the art of collaboration, teaming up with Frank Ocean, ScHoolboy Q, Pharrell, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Ariana Grande, and more.

His new album does not disappoint, although the previously released singles still shine above the rest. Check out one of ScHoolboy Q’s best features on “Cash Out.”

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