Mindfully Catherine: Accessing Inner Bliss

Catherine Sheehan
Online Columnist

Hi everyone and welcome back to Mindfully Catherine!

My last few weeks have been full of midterms and papers, but in the midst of the crazy, I’ve seen the benefits of mindfulness in so many ways.

It’s so much more than the peace an empty mind gives you in the moment. 

Our thoughts, intentions and experiences can actually change our lives because what we choose to pay attention to transforms our brain on a neurological level.

When the brain becomes wired to be mindful, peace of mind is just one of the amazing outcomes. You may notice that you have better focus and productivity. You can also gain a sense of life satisfaction.

In every minute of our chaotic lives, we have the opportunity to work toward mindfulness, bringing all of the rewards into our lives.

And it only takes a minute.

First, we simply become aware of what has our attention, without judgment. Then we bring our attention to the present moment, by focusing on the sensations we feel or the objects around us.

Lastly, we remain conscious of the experience, letting go of our old mental habits while allowing our neural pathways to rewire themselves.

Allow yourself to be where you are so that you can access your inner the bliss in every moment after.

Enjoy each as it comes and look out for my next post!



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