In the last week, our student community has shown either that it cares deeply about our school pride, or that it’s simply looking for an excuse to turn up and/or throw down. Celebrating our men’s basketball team’s advancement through last year’s NCAA Tournament felt almost like breaking new ground in how we can experience campus life, and it was an exhilirating time to be on campus in general.

As exciting as this year’s progress through the tournament has been, last Friday’s mad rush to celebrate in the student neighborhood seemed a little artificial. It was missing the spark of spontaneity that made last year’s celebrations so vibrant. There even appeared to be students prowling the neighborhood looking for a party after our game last Wednesday night.

What’s more, following the women’s basketball team’s win Sunday over the University of Kentucky, hardly any students went out to celebrate. It’s the first time the Flyers have been to the Sweet Sixteen, and the only music with a bassline loud enough to be confused as celebration emanated from Boll Theater for an orchestral practice.

Basketball, and sports in general, aside, we still have a lot to celebrate at our school. Admittedly, “Fighting Hunger” makes for a Debbie-downer of a party theme, but it’s one of many social justice issues that members of our student body are fighting in order to make the world a better place.

So, while there is a time, place and manner in which to celebrate our sports victories, keep in mind that our students deserve praise in many other arenas of life.

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