Hello…It’s us again

Staff Editorial

When the new Flyer News staff arrived on campus in August, we promised some changes.

We redesigned our website and continually shared online-exclusive stories, while diving deeper into issues and events in print. We offered more interactive stories, with links, photo galleries and videos.

We started this spring semester by announcing the debut of our sports Twitter, @FlyerNewsSports, manned by Sports Editor Daniel Massa and his minions. Follow for live-tweets and info on all Flyer sports. We also created the breaking news editor position, which FN staffer Alise Jarmusz will take on to accommodate even more online coverage this semester.

And we’re not stopping, but we can do better.

In our first editorial of the semester, we laid out our vision: we wanted—and still want—to diversify our reporting, writers and editors, ask more questions and harder questions and continue to start dialogues on campus.

Last semester, diverse voices contributed to the paper and discussed how controversial issues are handled on campus, a narrative we saw reflected on campuses across the country. We hope to continue this conversation with you and encourage others to reach out to us at flyernewseditor@gmail.com or goodmans1@udayton.edu. Whether you want a chance to say what you think or you want to see something covered, whether you want to say how well or poorly we are doing, we want to know.

Flyer News is still focused on the future. Though many members of the editorial staff will graduate in May, Flyer News is here to stay. If you want to get involved and shape the way the paper is created, now’s your chance. Make your mark on campus before you have to say goodbye.

Visit flyernews.com/jobs-2/job-descriptions/ to read more about what jobs will be available next semester and what you should expect from each position. Although past Flyer News experience is a benefit, it is not required to apply. Email flyernewseditor@gmail.com to learn more.

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