Hello…Goodbye: Same paper, different style

FN Staff Editorial

In our final staff ed last semester, we mentioned that Flyer News would be making some changes. After a summer of working behind the scenes, we’re ready to give you the first issue of FN with these changes in place.

Welcome new Art Director Kelsey Mills. Don’t miss the revamped Trending on page 3, Mills’ first project. Welcome back to Online Managing Editor Alise Jarmusz. A veteran news writer and editor, Jarmusz returns from a semester in Ireland with an international perspective on the best ways to communicate. Both are contributing to FN’s shift forward.

Our regular readers may have noticed already, but we recently updated our website design. It will be easier to find stories you care about, see and listen to what’s going on and share these stories. (It looks a lot prettier, too.) This was a crucial step because we will only be on newsstands every other Wednesday.

Don’t panic. This is a good thing.

For you, this means more FN. Our issues will be distributed more purposefully – and we will now also be on Brown Street. We will be working throughout the week to give you fresh, breaking stories, updates and multimedia at flyernews.com, @FlyerNews and facebook.com/UDflyernews. We won’t only be a newspaper; we’ll be a full-fledged publication with print and online content.

This also means better FN. We want to diversify our reporting and our writers, and we want to have a dialogue with you. We want you to ask more questions, and have more people answer those questions. Online, we’ll have more photos, more videos, more ways for you to interact with us and everything going on around you.
Reach out to us at flyernewseditor@gmail.com or goodmans1@udayton.edu if you want to share your voice.

Now that we’ve said goodbye to graduated staff members, old friends and an ancient website, we can finally say hello to the future and the class of 2019. There are more of you than ever, and we want you.

Your future, and ours, awaits.

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