Hard pill to swallow for Sanders supporters

By: Nate Sikora – Sophomore, History

The last remaining Democratic presidential primary contests are drawing nearer, and the presumptive nominee seems to be Hillary Clinton. Who could have guessed it? Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump for President. What a joke. Well, that is American politics. I am not alone with having disdain for the two presumptive presidential candidates. They both have the lowest approval ratings of any presidential candidates in U.S. history. With that being said, a focus will be placed on the Democratic side come November.

There exists a large portion of Democratic voters who, if Clinton is the nominee, will not vote for her in November. These are the “Bernie or bust” folks. These voters are the epitome of sour grapes of the electorate, where they do not vote for the party candidate if their preferred candidate fails to be nominated. In the scope of world politics, “Bernie or bust” is nonsense. Sanders supporters must realize that anyone, honestly anyone, would be a better president than Donald Trump. Even “Crooked Hillary”, as there is one good aspect of another Clinton presidency: nothing will change!

Therefore, Sanders supporters must honorably admit defeat, shake hands with Clinton supporters, and vote for the Democratic nominee. If one does not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election, especially if he or she lives in a swing state, their vote, in essence, is a vote in favor of Donald Trump. As a result, voters must not be complacent or spiteful in their decision at the ballot box. Of course, vote your conscience, but acknowledge the consequence of your vote. As the infamous LBJ campaign advertisement once said: “The stakes are too high to stay home.” The same applies to the 2016 election.

Even if Hillary is crowned the nominee by her rich, out-of-touch donors, do not think for one second that Bernie’s movement is over. It is merely the beginning. For example, in the New Hampshire primary, 85% of Democratic voters under the age of 30 voted for Sanders. What also needs to be acknowledged is New Hampshire is one of the most focused states during the campaign, ergo, the more people hear his message the more they like it. His platform is the future of the Democratic Party, and the democratic establishment better take note. As Bernie Sanders would say, we are sick and tired of establishment politics. Enough is enough!

The political discourse of Sander’s campaign is nothing less than exceptional. Sanders went against the entire Democratic establishment, the corporate news media, the millionaires and billionaires that control our politics, and the most recognized name in American politics and almost won. Sanders supporters should be proud of the movement they have created. What will happen in the 2020 election? 2024? The progressive movement to clean our politics is merely beginning. America only experienced a small wave; however the tsunami is coming.

Therefore, the 2016 presidential election is not the correct timing for Sanders’ “political revolution.” Yes, establishment politics will, unfortunately, continue the spiral of income inequality, misrepresentation of the people, and continue making the nation’s economy unstable for at least four more years. Hopefully, America can sustain such a blow. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be enormously better than a Trump presidency, and that is the choice we as a country are faced with.

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