From The Land Of Smiles: Learning To Run On ‘Thai Time’


Catherine Sheehan
Staff Writer

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Hey Flyers! Welcome back to the From the Land of Smiles. I can’t get over how quickly my time abroad is flying by! I want to take a moment to share an important understanding that has helped it ease by so well.

In my first post, I mentioned that Thais lead a more laid back lifestyles than most people in the United States. I also mentioned that people here run on what we call “Thai time.”

At home, I often think I am entitled to knowing what is going on — an American mentality of being wired to have information and answers right away — but I had to seriously adjust this way of thinking. Here, I am often unaware if I am waiting for something or just waiting.

While it may seem frustrating at first, it has helped me learn that everything happens as it should.


Here’s an example of how trusting that everything will work out makes life easier.

Last weekend, my friend and I found ourselves waiting on a bus for a lot longer than we were supposed to without being told why. 

Instead of getting upset or asking too many questions, we waited patiently. In Thailand, we call this being “Jai Yen” or calm, collected and relaxed. It is especially important, because here, anger represents a lack of control over emotions.

In gratitude, the driver ended up taking us directly to our hotel instead of dropping us at the bus stop a couple miles before.

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Look out for my next post if you want to continue hearing about my time abroad and, until then, Jai Yen! 

Photo Taken By Catherine Sheehan/Staff Writer