Flashback to childhood

Watching cartoons as adults not so looney

By: Steve Maloney – Columnist, Senior

So a couple of weeks ago, I’m lying in bed channel surfing (a typical Friday afternoon), and I land on HBO Family. Usually that channel plays some corny movie playing music in the background most of the time, immediately indicating to the experienced viewer that it is an awful movie.

However, this time around it was a flashback to my childhood: Foghorn Leghorn was trying to convince this old lady goose that Barnyard Dawg is actually a goose with a dog costume on, so she should pursue him as a potential mate. Now, obviously this scenario is ridiculous and would usually trigger flipping to your favorite news station so that your brain doesn’t melt, but I stuck with it.

After about ten minutes, I couldn’t stop. I was locked in like Andy Dufrene in solitary confinement. And I was laughing. Out loud. By myself. To “Looney Tunes.” I felt like a kid again, sort of. Only now I understood some of the underlying comments and symbolism, the dark comedy within the show: Porky Pig repeatedly asking Sylvester the Cat, “What are you? A schizophree… schizophree… a manic-depressive or something?” That would never be on cartoons today!

I ended up watching this for about an hour until the mini-movie ended, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed it was over. “Looney Tunes” offers adults an escape from the mainstream media as well as “their shows” that air once a week. Warner Brothers had the clever strategy to make Looney Tunes appear to be child’s play on the surface, but they strategically implanted subliminal messages so that parents and/or lazy college kids could enjoy it as well.

It’s almost impossible not to smirk at Yosemite Sam’s financial issues and the things he says under his breath (“That rackin’ frackin!”) or how Daffy Duck is committed to ripping off anyone and everyone. It’s honestly hysterical, and it can cure any headache or put you in a good mood when you’re down.

And don’t forget, the “Looney Tunes” were the centerfold for one of the greatest flicks of all time, “Space Jam.” That alone puts them atop the charts of greatest animated characters of all time.

So if you’re ever bored or need a quick pick-me-up, flip on HBO Family or find some clips online to perk you up. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it. Th-Th-Th-Th-Th- … That’s all, folks!

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