Editor reflects on time at UD

By: Steven Goodman – Opinions Editor Emeritus

The first one went in December. I know that sounds like the beginning of a horror movie (I guess graduation is for some), but it’s really just the month that the first person in my close friend group graduated from UD. Even though I’m not allowed to use the G-word in front of some of my friends, it’s impossible to ignore that graduation is just a couple weeks away. But I guess I have a slightly different view on it having another semester and all of graduate school left to go at UD.

It’s tough to know that you will be separated from many of the people you’ve grown so close to. Even though you’ll most likely stay in touch, communicating across states or cities is much different than walking across the street for a visit. It’s a strange feeling, too, knowing that some will be sticking around UD longer while just as many of your friends are leaving – or at least moving on to something new in life.

Starting college is terrifying (and exciting), but I was lucky enough to be placed on a floor in Marycrest that has mostly stuck together – as well as picked up a few more people when we took over a wing of VWK sophomore year. Through pretty much everything – even being gone for entire semesters co-oping or studying abroad – we’ve stuck together. A close group of friends is the best way to survive some of the hardships of college.

Whether it’s complaining to your roommate about that one really, truly terrible professor you had (not that I’m still bitter about that or anything) or knowing you can come back from an entire semester at a co-op out of state and feel like nothing has really changed. Having a close group of friends is almost essential to making it through college, and I was lucky to have so many.

This year is especially hard for seniors, especially when you start to realize it’s a year of lasts: the last time you’ll register for classes, the last “Friendsgiving” you’ll have all together, the last late-night conversations you’ll have with your roommates, the last intramural team you’ll play on, the last time you’ll ever have to deal with PATH (okay, maybe that’s a good thing). Looking back, the time has flown by and even though I have some left, it definitely won’t be the same with some people missing. To all I have grown so close to: I love you all and let’s make these last few weeks last as long as possible!

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