Controversy surrounding a Tweet by Gina Carano who starred in The Mandalorian

Gina Carano played Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, photo courtesy of Flickr. 

Ren Sikes
Contributing Writer

As someone who was heavily influenced by the Star Wars Franchise as a child, the most recent installment The Mandalorian was something I eagerly anticipated.

From beautiful scenery, immaculate sound tracks and excellent casting combined into a truly engaging space western that stole my heart almost as much as the internet famous Baby Yoda did. One such character that truly captivated me was the rebel dropper gone rogue, Cara Dune. 

Dune was an incredibly strong female character that could have been a major icon to young girls everywhere. Sadly, due to Gina Carano, the actress who brought Cara Dune to life, expressing her beliefs on social media sites, the beloved rebel dropper won’t be the same. 

Gina Carano was fired and banned from all other Star Wars related events due to her beliefs that go against Lucasfilm’s beliefs.

At first, you might think that Lucasfilm was in the wrong, and some of you may still think that way after reading this, but allow me to explain. 

While Twitter has been a cesspool of political figures bashing others, and subsequently getting banned, Gina Carano has made it her personal soapbox as well.

On February 2nd, the actress shared several insensitive posts on her twitter page regarding the current political climate. As a republican, she spoke about the current treatment republicans are getting due to the recent events at the U.S. Capitol.

Personally, I do not align myself with a political party, nor do I harbor any ill will towards anyone who disagrees with me. I merely advocate for equality and respect for everyone’s differences. 

Gina Carano has been known to have several homophobic, transphobic and racist comments on her social media, but the post that in my opinion, sealed her fate – and subsequently Cara Dune’s – was an image of Nazi Germany during World War II and the Holocaust and comapring it to the current political climate. 

This is where I get heated. As someone who has German heritage, and has heard the stories of Nazi Germany and the horrors of the events of the Holocaust, I am disgusted by this comparison.

Comparing the tension between political parties during an election year to the torture, humiliation and pain the Jewish people went through in that time is grossly abhorrent. As a friend of mine put it, “I haven’t heard of any republicans being put in concentration camps recently.” 

The controversy surrounding Gina Carano’s termination has sparked numerous conversations.

I do not think that every one who identifies as a republican should be fired strictly because they say they are republican. No one should be discriminated against due to their political beliefs just as they should not be discriminated due to their cultural beliefs and so on. 

Everyone deserves to express their opinion. However when you compare personal opinions to genocide, that is where I draw the line. I truly cannot applaud Lucasfilm for handling this as swiftly as possible. 

Star wars has and always will be a family friendly franchise. I can not fathom a time where that will not be true. I was raised on Star Wars, and I fully intend to raise my children on it as well. That being said, this franchise has no room for the toxicity that Carano brought to the table. 

I do not blame the entire republican party because of Carano’s posts, and I am aware of the fact that not everyone would agree with my opinion. I simple wish to say, that if you use your fame to spread ignorance and discrimination, you are not worthy of that fame.

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