Our observations this fall indicate that change is a positive thing. It doesn’t always come easily or in the ways we want it to, but it’s a necessary part of life that helps us grow and mature as people and as students. Now that most of us are settled in on campus we’ve had some time to reflect on the changes in our community, and we are encouraged by what we’ve seen.

From online resources to physical improvements, there have been lots of efforts to genuinely improve campus life, and while there will surely be stumbles along the way students should be excited by the changes around them. There are efforts at simplification, made possible by embracing innovative uses of technology like OrgSync and the new Student Evaluation of Teaching. It proves that people at the University of Dayton are capable of challenging the old way of doing things, not because a system is broken but because they believe there is a better way of doing something.

Student organizations like Red Scare, Student Government Association and students involved in sustainability are making huge efforts to engage the student body and bring people together.

Not every change is universally loved, as we’ve seen by upset over certain consequences of the chapel renovations or the new athletic logo, but we believe that most students and community members understand the sentiments behind such decisions as efforts to improve ourselves. This school loves the chapel more than almost anything, and when you love something you have to let it change.

All of these things are ways that the university is working to improve student life on campus. There are so many simple things, too, that will enrich our community, like the new basketball court in front of the RecPlex.

It’s important for the school to be constantly striving to improve. The only way for things to get better is for people to give the changes a chance. So this week, the staff at Flyer News encourages you to go out and explore some of the new things on campus. We see a lot of merit in these efforts to change, and we hope you will, too.


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