a mighty shamrock looms on the horizon

Well, Flyers, now that break is over, it looks like we’re all back to the old grindstone. Hopefully, you are either refreshed and relaxed enough to take on whatever challenges may face you over the next few months, or you are exhausted from going on some kind of insane four-day adventure that we can’t wait to hear about. Either way, we hope your break was a good one.

But now it’s time to undo whatever R&R break provided. Roll out your Irish tank tops and pennies, dust off your cornhole boards and iron out the wrinkles in your kelly green thrift store suit. Prepare a playlist consisting of just the right amount of Dropkick Murphys, balanced out with at least three different renditions each of “Country Road” and “Wagon Wheel.” Place an order on Amazon for at least a liter of green food dye, and be sure to select next day delivery. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us.

We’ve all received the email from Bill Fischer and Christine Schramm, asking us to hold ourselves to a standard of at least common decency over the weekend. Really, it’s kind of disappointing to us that we, as a student body, actually need to be told to refrain from setting fire to couches (okay, the email didn’t explicitly say, “Don’t start a couch fire,” but we think it was heavily implied when the email mentioned fire safety).

We’d like to see this year’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day make the presence of Dayton Police Department seem wholly unnecessary, and we think that the student body can achieve that.

So, while we encourage you to enjoy your time this weekend, we want you to consider what effect your actions may have on others. Very few people will respect you for knocking off a car’s side-view mirror and then flipping that car over, but everyone can have a good time simply joking, singing and dancing with friends.

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