As winter continues to retreat and spring begins to reveal itself, Flyer News is experiencing a change of its own.
Senior staff members are now packing up as newly hired students move in and assume their predecessor’s responsibilities. For a senior, leaving the office for good is a tough pill to swallow, but we knew by that nagging thought in the back of our mind it was an inevitable reality.

In times like these, when we find ourselves at the end of a road, we feel compelled to reflect upon the trail left behind for others to remember and contemplate the journey that lies ahead, as foreboding as that seems.

The departing seniors at Flyer News are proud to have been part of such a great organization and are deeply thankful for the opportunity. Contributing to the noble effort of informing and educating students is something our seniors will honorably carry with them long after they leave the University of Dayton.

For more than 100 years Flyer News, though previously operating under different names, has consistently delivered quality news, entertainment, commentary and sports coverage. The senior staff members graduating in May are now engraved in the school newspaper’s legacy continuing on its 25-year run ranking among the elite in collegiate press.

According to Flyer News archives, the newspaper became the 34th paper to reach American Collegiate Press Hall of Fame status. Only 15 percent of college papers in the nation are ranked this All-American distinction each year.

Now, we can’t pretend it’s been a smooth road the entire time. We were presented with controversial stories and tough decisions were made in order to uphold the essential standards of journalism by informing our readership, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of Flyer News’ historic reputation.

As the ink sets in our seniors’ last issue, we must remind them that new chapters are waiting to be written. Just remember to open your mind and start typing.

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