An open letter to White people

By Grace Wolford – Asst. Art Director

Dear White people,

Salutations, brethren. It is I, your friendly non-threatening neighborhood white girl. Remember when we all rioted because of March Madness and St. Paddy’s Day and a bunch of other fun but stupid reasons? I know right? Those times were totes the best. Now hold on to your pumpkin spice fraps, because here’s a throw back: remember when we were in our primarily white private elementary schools and they taught us about slavery and we thought to ourselves, “Oh, man. I would never want to have slaves, that’s so mean and bad.” And then a few years later we learned about the civil rights movement and we were all, “MLK is great, so glad racism is over now. Mom, can you make pizza rolls?” Well guys, I have some bad news.

The institutional racism that is riddled throughout the American education system has made you extremely ignorant. There was a protest around Kennedy Union today (Dec. 10, 2014) to acknowledge the fact that Black Americans are frequently failed by the justice system in our country, killed without just cause and marginalized in general. And that protest is getting a lot of hate. And the fact that that protest is getting a lot of hate is disgusting.

Racism still exists and it’s everywhere. Not just in Ferguson, not just with regards to any one specific case. Everywhere. And we need to stop ignoring it and excusing it.
To those of you that keep telling people to look at the evidence regarding the Ferguson case or any other case, I have this to say to you: stop saying this. These race issues are bigger than the Michael Brown case and the he said/she said nonsense. It’s bigger than hating or not hating on police officers. It’s finally trying to bluntly address the fact that minorities, especially Black people, are not living equal lives in this country and do not have the same opportunities. In fact, harping on the evidence and the minutia of these individual cases trying to prove that it’s not racist is racist. People are trying to address the fact that more often than not Black Americans are failed by our justice system, our education system, our welfare system – basically all the systems that we, the white majority, put into place.

White Privilege exists; don’t pretend like it doesn’t. If you don’t believe me, ask Yik Yak. Ah, Yik Yak, everyone’s favorite place to anonymously hate on everyone else. So brave. Here are some yakked highlights from today:

“Have the people protesting actually looked at any evidence or are they still going off what they saw on twitter and other reliable sources?”

Here is some evidence that actually matters in the grand scheme of things. Persons executed for an interracial murder since 1976:

White Defendant/Black victim: 31

Black Defendant/White victim: 291

“As a white student I am embarrassed to say I even go here. The false sense of community UD has created is sickening. The disrespect I witnessed today is unbelievable”

This yak had 10 ups, versus:

“As a black student I am embarrassed to say I even go here. The false sense of community UD has created is sickening. The disrespect I witnessed today is unbelievable.”

This yak had -4 ups.

“I’m really surprised to see all the accusations that UD doesn’t care about all lives. Like did you even see the turnout of people at Christmas on Campus?”

You mean “White Saviors on Campus”?

“All lives matter, stop making everything about race”

Yes, all lives matter. But the thing is, white people, everyone knows our lives matter. We hold all the cards and we always have. Just because we tossed a few cards in the direction of others once does not mean this issue is over. Fifty-ish years of almost treating everyone sort of the same does not make up for 300 years of slavery and abuse.

“We talk about community while having houses egged for posting sheets saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ this is no community”

Amen, anonymous friend.

“A white guy was shot by police in Michigan this past week. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about that yet? #doublestandard”

Oh my god.

“F***ing sick of these ‘protestors.’ If you want to change something go ans actually do it. Don’t be so naïve and think laying on the ground can change anything.”

Well… the point was to get people talking about the issues… and you are talking about it… so… see, this is awkward, because your foot is in your mouth.

There is a problem on our campus and in our country. There has always been a problem on our campus and in our country. Racism is the problem. Stop ignoring the fact that racism is the problem. Stop trying to hide behind excuses that claim racism doesn’t exist or isn’t the problem. There are two sides to history – don’t you want to be on the just one? Think about it. And stop posting hate anonymously, if you have something to say, own it – don’t hide behind your anonymity, coward.





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